Les Slovaks

Les SlovaKs is a collective made of five independent, energetic dancers coming from Slovakia : Milan Herich, Peter Jasko, Anton Lachky, Milan Tomasik and  Martin Kilvady . All five of them are living and working in Belgium. They constitute a professional dance company focused on teaching and performing.

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Fragments is the third work, that came out of the "Les SlovaKs craftsmanshop".

The premise of the piece was to work with an existing music.
For one part, their long time collaborator, composer Simon Thierree wrote an original piece in four movements, performed by a string orchestra of 40 musicians.

As a counter point Les SlovsKs decided to present yet another side of their background and intertwined Thierree's composition with the selection of songs "Retro 50's-80"s" from a renowned slovak singer Melania Ollaryova.

The five creators choreographed with a close listening to the diverse musical proposition.
Working as a team during the rehearsals, they rotated the roles as performers and directors. They crafted each separate part into the complete life movie scene, dance piece or a theater act.
Without any boundaries of style, they managed to construct the worlds, that pop up into the fullness as soon the first moments of the scene unroll.
The show is entertaining, full of skilled dancing, very expressive, humorous and touching, sparkled with references that disappear as soon the spectator tries to grab them.


Duration of performance: 60 min

Choreography and dance by Les SlovaKs Dance Collective
Milan Herich, Anton Lachky, Milan Tomasik, Peter Jasko, Martin Kilvady

Simon Thierrée

Set design
Les SlovaKs Dance Collective, Joris De Bolle

Lighting design
Joris De Bolle

Costume design
Mat Voorter, Pepa Martinez

Technical director
Joris De Bolle

Jan Meuwissen


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Kaaitheater (Belgium)
Teatre Mercat de les Flors (Spain)
Hellerau - European Center for the Arts Dresden (Germany)
NorrlandsOperan AB (Sweden)

with the support of the
Flemish Community

Press reviews



“In our work, music is a source of principal inspiration.  When preparing Fragments we knew very well, the music will have even bigger impact on us then in our previous performances (Opening Night, 2007 and Journey Home, 2009), because the music was composed before we started to rehearse. In fact, music was the starting point. The initial Idea was to work with known music, but we didn’t succeed. We listened to several compositions but we could not imagine to dance on any of it.
We felt, it was either too serious, or slow, or too dramatic; in other words, we were not happy. Therefore we‘ ve got very enthusiastic when Simon told us, that he started to work on the new musical composition, for a string orchestra. We loved the Idea immediately and said yes, let’s go for it, although there was a little fear, how are we going to do it? Will we like the music? Are we able to create a dance show on the composed music? At the same time, there was a big trust in Simon Thierreé, because he is our very good friend and especially, because his music is great for dance. It is easy to connect to, his music has power, it carries a story and the same time is open for interpretation. When we started working on Fragments in Umea (residency in Sweden), the music told us what to do. So we talked a lot, had a several propositions how to approach the music and somehow the “raw” dance material was created within the first two weeks of creative process. Of course the dance material, scenes and the show got much more refined later, but truly, perhaps from the fear, all the main scenes on Simon’s music were created during our first rehearsal period. But then came a crucial moment. Simon’s music is approximately 30 minutes long, four different movements and we wanted to make a full evening dance show. We had to face a big challenge: to repeat the music twice, to repeat only some parts of the music, or to bring a new music. We rediscovered the work of Melania Ollaryova, who was since the fifties a very popular Slovak singer whose retro-pop music is a great counterpoint to Simon’s serious music.

On the other hand, the two different musical styles created more possibilities to play with the dramaturgy and composition of the show. Each of us have multiple characters, or let’ s say, we play different roles in the performance and the music is the main partner who supports our actions.

Fragments can be performed with recorded music or with a live string orchestra of 32 musicians to plays Simon's composition. We will premiere this live version in Cultuurcentrum Bruges in november 2012 and are extremely excited to dance to this live performed music.

One could say, that for us it was a fantastic, intensive, re-uniting creative process.”
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We are teaching what we're excited about and working on at the moment. So join us and get inspired to build up your own dance technique, that can be practiced during your own dancing and performing.

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We are teaching what we're excited about and working on at the moment. So join us and get inspired to build up your own dance technique, that can be practiced during your own dancing and performing.